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About Us

Because of our love of animals, we have been always been involved in the pet world in one way or another. We are happy to allow you to inspect our kennels by appointment.

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Ellie's Pet Hotel (formerly known as West Forest Kennels and Grooming). Pet boarding is our primary business, not an auxiliary service. Your pets are very special to you and we want you to know that they are equally special to us. We provide the highest level of care for all our animal guests!

Our personal pets are very special to us. We are caregivers to many different species. They enrich our lives and provide us with a unique kind of companionship, not available with our other contacts in life.

"I can't imagine a day waking up without a cat on my belly and a dog at my feet," said owner operator Phylene Anderson. "In my absence, I would hope that my special friend would enjoy a clean and secure environment, and an abundance of love." And that is what we strive to give your pet here.

We try to imitate your routine. Pets don't have a human concept of time, but do know when they normally get their tummies filled and when they usually go out and when they can expect to be cuddled. We can't replace you, but we can provide a second home with caring people, reassuring structure and opportunity for activity to fill up your companion animal's day

We believe that boarding your pet is the best alternative for the care of your pet when you are gone. Giving your friend a change of scenery and smells gives him or her something to think about besides your absence. Your special friend deserves the best you can offer, and we believe that is us. We go out of our way to keep our guests comfortable while they are here, just as you go out of your way to keep them happy at home. We want you to feel completely at ease when you use our services. We think you will.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to the responsible pet owner by offering a clean, safe and comfortable facility, staffed by knowledgeable, animal-loving professionals.

Our Staff

Ellie's Pet Hotel is a family-run business-truly a labor of love-and we guarantee your pet will receive excellent care from the same people every day. We all love pets and we are trained and educated to our own high standards and those of the American Boarding Kennels Association to give your pets the best possible care and attention.

At Ellie's Pet Hotel you can rest assured knowing that the people caring for your pets are well-trained and educated in every aspects of pet care, including:

  • Scrupulous cleaning and sanitation practices
  • Recognizing pet's needs and providing companionship
  • Animal handling, control and behavior
  • Safety and security.
  • How to administer medications
  • Pet nutrition & weight management
  • Disease and disorder recognition
  • Breed and gender identification
  • Grooming, including skin, coat and nail care
  • First aid for both animals and humans
  • We continue to educate ourselves in all aspects of this industry so that we can continue to improve our service to you.

Phylene Anderson and her family have owned and operated Ellie's Pet Hotel since 1996. Phylene's personal crusade for animal welfare led her to serve as president of the local humane society for approximately 12 years, retiring from that position in July of 2003.

Anderson and her friends and family have bottle-fed countless litters of kittens and placed hundreds of puppies, dogs and cats in loving, permanent homes during that time. She still helps out a few of the reputable Utah animal rescue organizations when she can.

Humble Beginnings

Ellie's Pet Hotel started out as West Forest Kennels and Grooming in the early 1990s. Phylene was offered a job by the previous owners in 1994, taking care of the dogs when they went on vacation. She loved doing it from the first day. After being employed on "as-needed basis," asked if they would consider selling the business to her. The deal was made and in July of 1996, she became the new owner. (And other than marrying her husband and having children she feels that that is the best decision she has ever made!)

The Anderson family has continued making improvements on the entire facility. In March of 2003, we introduced the new indoor-outdoor addition, and in April of 2004 we changed their name to Ellie's Pet Hotel, to better reflect what we actually do.

The Andersons are still improving things every day. The facility was functional as it was, but we wanted a place we would be proud of, where pet owners would feel comfortable leaving their pets. We wanted a place more like home, where dogs could have lots of fresh air and sunshine and cats would enjoy the comforts of home in luxurious surroundings. . . a place where all pets receive the care and attention they deserve, no matter their age, size or disposition. And that is what we have.

We are very proud of what they have accomplished in the pet industry and believe that we have attained their goal. Come in and see, we think you'll agree!