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Our Services

We offer professional grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats by an experienced groomer with a commitment to excellence. We want to make sure your pet looks like you want him or her to look

Grooming is more than just a bath and a haircut; it is a part of the total health care of your pet. We believe in gentle, hands-on grooming and we are constantly on the lookout for any abnormalities that may be found on your companion animal. Pets with special needs are catered to in our low-volume, low-stress operation.

Our Experience

Owner-operator Phylene Anderson has been grooming for over eight years, having learned through apprenticeship and continued education. She often attends clinics, seminars and training to improve her skills. (She also reads everything she can get her hands on pertaining to pets and their care!)

Whether it is traditional breed trims or mixed-breed custom work, our work has style. We care how your pet looks and feels.

Our Facilities

Our salon features modern, stress-reducing equipment for your pet, such as the Champion Groomer bathing system and double grooming supports. We easily accommodate dogs that need a little extra patience or special handling, whether it is because of age, medical needs or because they have had unpleasant experiences in the past.

Puppies are given extra special care and a loving beginning to the grooming process. We emphasize the fun in grooming. We talk silly, tickle and treat them so they look forward to the experience. It is really best when puppies come for their first grooming around 12-16 weeks old. This is the best time for all socialization to occur and they have longer attention spans. We are also happy to educate you on the proper hair care for your new family member-just ask!

Cat grooming is loving, firm and quite swift. We do not use tranquilizers (on the cats or us), but prefer to employ patience. Sometimes our feline friends need a rest between the grooming steps and we are happy to accommodate that.

Our Schedule

Our grooming schedule fills up quickly. We recommend that you set up a standing appointment schedule so that you are guaranteed a spot. If you are boarding your pet we can usually work them in during their stay. Please ask us for a time when you make your hotel reservation.

Our Prices

Price varies by breed and coat condition. Please call for more information.