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Required Vaccinations

All pets boarded at Ellie's Pet Hotel must be free of any contagious ailments. For the protection of all our guests we require proof of current vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian.

Vaccinations For Dogs:

  • Rabies - Required every 2 years
  • DHLP-P annual Distemper / Parvo multi booster - Required yearly
  • Bordetella Canine cough - Required yearly, recommended twice a year

Vaccinations For Cats:

  • Rabies - Required every 2 years
  • Distemper (FVRC-P) & Feline Leukemia - Required every 2 years

Please note: We have no way of knowing whether an incoming guest has been exposed to an upper respiratory virus. An exposed animal may take from 5 to 7 days to show any signs of illness. Pets can contract these viruses on walks, in their own back yards if a neighbor's dog has it, or in the veterinarian's office -- anywhere they may come in close contact or airborne contact with other animals. Boarded pets are susceptible to virus such as bordetella, pneumonitis, etc. Even though all of our guests are vaccinated for these, vaccines are only effective against some strains of upper respiratory viruses and not 100 percent effective against any. These illnesses are usually limited to mild, cold-like symptoms. If you have concerns about this, please discuss them with our staff.